Slack Wax Style

Slack wax is a lightweight product obtained from Isorcyclean Cutting Wax. This type of wax is highly reactive due to the iso-cyclic process and hydrogen saturation at high temperatures and pressures, which is why it is used in the healthcare industry, especially in the construction of the base of all types of creams.

Lightweight slack loosers can lose a lot of their lubricant in the De-Oiling process, and produce solid paraffins with less than 1% oil content, which can be used in many different industries, such as the production of all kinds of thermal insulations, waterproof paper, Carbonization, Candle Making, Textile, and the Production of Waterproof Fabrics.

The specifications of the slack wax product are as follows:


Test Method Typical Value Value Unit Parameters
ASTM-D-445 4.1 3.8-4.2 Viscosity@100°C
ASTM-D-92 200 190-210 Flash Point
ASTM-D-1500 2 1-3 - Colour
ASTM-D-938 62 58-68 Congealing Point
ASTM-D-1298 835 830-840 kg/m3 Density
ASTM-D-721 5 5-10 1% Oil Content
ASTM-D-1160 270 240 IBP
ASTM-D-1160 485 510 FBP

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