Liquid Paraffin

Pararefine is a light-oil oil that is obtained from Isiscleyck's cutting wax. This oil is very low due to its chemical nature and structure, and its stable, reactive process with a low reactivity and a sulfur content of H2S. The same properties have led to the use of this oil in cosmetics, hygienic, oral and pharmaceutical industries. It is also used in the manufacture of all types of textile oils, transformer oil, various agricultural toxins, creams, petroleum jelly, all types of motor oil and hydraulic oils.

The specifications of one of the types of liquid paraffin are given in the following table:


Test Method Typical Value Value Unit Parameters
ASTM-D-1160 270 240 IBP
ASTM-D-1160 485 510 FBP
ASTM-D-1298 835 830-840 kg/m3 Density
ASTM-D-92 200 - Flash Point
ASTM-D-97 0 3+ ~ 3- Pour Point
ASTM-D-1500 2 1-3 - Colour
ASTM-D-4294 200 100-300 wt-ppm Sulfur Content
ASTM-D-445 19 17-20 Viscosity @°C
ASTM-D-445 4.1 3.8-4.2 Viscosity @°C
ASTM-D-2270 125 120 < - Viscosity Index (VI)

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