Sweet Nafa Condensate

Gas condensate has a wide distillation range (35 ° C-45 ° C), which needs to be cut into light, medium and heavy sections. Gas condensate cuts mainly contain high amounts of sulfur (2000ppm-3000ppm) that are reduced in the desulphurisation unit.

Sweet Naphtha Cut (Cutting Style) is a product of a condensate sweetening unit which, after passing the desulfurization process, as well as separation in the distillation tower, is achieved by the following specifications: 

Standard Test Method Typical Value Value Unit Parameters
ASTM-D-1298 715 (max) 720 kg/m3 Density
ASTM-D-2622 100 100-200 ppm-wt Total Sulfur
UOP-163 nil nil ppm-wt H2S Content
ASTM-D-6304 0.08 0.05-0.1 %wt Water Content
ASTM-D-97 45- 50-> Pour Point
ASTM-D-130 - 1a - Copper Corrosion
ASTM-D-156 20+ 10-30 - Colour Saybolt
ASTM-D-5191 50 40-60 kpa RVP
ASTM-D-86 35 30-40 °C IBP
ASTM-D-86 175 160-190 °C FBP

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