Gas oil from the second gas condensate cut

Low-sulfur diesel oil is the result of sweetening and separation of gas condensates. In other words, gas condensates are distilled into the atmospheric distillation tower after sweetening steps, and the light and heavy sections are separated. The diesel oil produced by the Atlas World Oil Refining Company has a sulfur content of less than 1000ppm and the specifications are as follows:


Standard Test Method Typical Value Value Unit Parameters
ASTM-D-1298 825 820-860 kg/m3 Density
- - - ppm-wt Total Sulfur
UOP-163 nil nil ppm-wt H2S Content
ASTM-D-6304 0.02 0.05-0.1 %wt Water Content
ASTM-D-97 6- 9-> Pour Point
ASTM-D-86 175 170 IBP
ASTM-D-86 380 385 FBP
ASTM-D-92 52 45-55 Flash Point
ASTM-D1500 1.5 1-3 - Colour

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