(Base Oil Group1+ (sn-180

Base oil group 1 plus (180 sn)

The base oil obtained from the refining of the lab cut oil extracted during dewaxing operations. The high viscosity index, low sulfur content and unsaturated hydrocarbons is an important advantage of this material for the production of industrial motor oils


Test Method value Unit parameters
ASTM-D-445 5.4 - 6.5 cst viscosity@100°C
ASTM-D-2270 105 min - viscosity index


kg/m3 Density @15°C
ASTM-D-92 212 flash point
ASTM-D-97 9max- pour point
ASTM-D-1500 max 2.5  - color
ASTM-D-1500 14(max) % Noak

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