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About us

Atlas Oil Company Diesel Oil Company was established in 1983 in Murcheh Kort industrial zone of Isfahan by producing various oil derivatives. Due to high demand and limited capacity, in order to upgrade technology in petroleum production processes and meet domestic and international market requirements, the company is expanding equipment and installing new production lines of one of the most advanced refineries in the private sector of this industry. The country and the region with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of oil derivatives.

The Diesel Oil Atlas Oil Company has been using today's technology and experience in the field of petroleum industry experts in the fields of engineering, laboratory, research, development, sales and international trade to produce high quality, high-quality hydrides Light and heavy carbons, high-grade octane fuels, various industrial parafin, and industrial waxes.

Over the past three decades, Diesel's Atlas Oil Company has always been able to develop its products in line with all international standards of production, management, and quality assurance in the field of export of petroleum products. . The company has one of the most advanced technical labs that is ready to provide services to the public and private sectors active in the oil and petrochemical industry.

Establishment of the company's refinery in Moochokht Industrial Zone of Isfahan province and ease of access to Isfahan, Shazand Arak and Tehran refineries in the neighboring provinces through the main road network has provided a special opportunity for technical and commercial cooperation for this company. . It is important to have access to the transit route and the major transport corridors of the country in providing optimal raw materials, exporting and selling products, and other special advantages of this refinery.

In addition to supplying domestic markets with active presence in regional markets, especially Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf states, Diesel Oil Refining Company has had a growing market share and enabled it to participate in the markets of the countries of the U.S. The region creates a new horizon of creativity, innovation and honor.


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central office: Tehran - valieasr st - north tavanir st - gita alley -no4 - 3floor

fax: 02188776162

email: info@atlasjahan.com

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